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No One reads this.. but oh well.

ATTENTION: I am going to see a movie with Joe. I am letting EVERYONE know NOW so no one pisses their pants. The plans were made at approx. blahblah. the movie will be over around blah b lah, it starts at blah. ANY questions about MY schedule feel free to call my cell.
dont forget to change your diaper!



Some funny quotes as of recently

"The baby is going to pop out at 15 miles per hour and almost DIE!!" - regarding Jason

"Not that we've thought about that. Or fantasized about it." - regarding t/m shipping

"What's the worst possible thing that could happen to me right now?" - regarding the irony of him showing up at that moment

"IT WAS A DATE!!! HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THAT?!" - regarding the fact that i am marissa, tim is ryan, and joe is oliver.
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why waste time lifting my head...

We went to Fazoli's, and Josh wasn't there!! I want my damn bear... I mean... I wish I could have seen him!!


Laura told me that on Saturday, they're [her and tim] both going to say they're working, but REALLY they would 'hang out' at Tim's house. I looked at my cell phone and said I felt the need to call him.

Actually talked to Hoffman without making a complete fool of myself... I'm going to go get my matchmaker closer to the end of the period.

lol laura "fuck tim!"

Speaking of fuck, when is the fuck_poppets community going to be made? bye!!
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